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pain chiropractic

Pain Management

The bones of the spine are very important to the overall health of the body. If your spine is negatively affected by small repeated movements or a significant injury, then it can leave you feeling the painful results. Damage to the spine can launch a ripple effect on the remainder of your body. We can help.

prenatal chiropractic

Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Pregnancy brings a new set of challenges to your body. You still experience everyday stresses while your body is making amazing changes for your baby. Recovery from labor can present new sets of challenges for our mamas. Your postpartum body needs adequate time to heal. On top of that, with repetitive motions associated with feeding and caring for a newborn can present many stressors.

joint ventures chiropractic

Pediatric Care

The stresses of today's world don’t just affect adults. Children are experiencing them too. Children are actually more susceptible to physical, chemical, emotional and electromagnetic stressors than adults. Chiropractic care can help kids of all ages, whether they are struggling with physical, behavioral challenges or are happy and healthy.

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