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Memberships & Associations:

  • Birth Care Network
  • American Pregnancy Association
  • Holistic Moms Network
  • Bagnell Technique Certified
  • Webster Technique Certified

Dr. Carrie

Dr. Carrie Nicholas is an experienced chiropractor serving Camden, Lugoff and surrounding communities.  She has worked with people from all walks of life – from newborns to seniors and everyone in between! She loves connecting with people and helping them to transform their health.  Being a Chiropractor for over 11 years, she brings a variety of disciplines, knowledge, and understanding to her patients’ physical needs.  She addresses many health problems such as back/sciatic pain, disc pain, neck/headaches, TMJ pain and migraines. Dr. Carrie is qualified to provide pre/post pregnancy care, sports injury prevention, posture correction and soft tissue therapy.  Dr. Carrie works with her patients to restore a state of optimal balance and function through her safe, effective, gentle techniques and lifestyle modifications.  Dr. Carrie earned her Kinesiology undergraduate degree at The Pennsylvania State University.  At Sherman College of Chiropractic, she earned her doctor of chiropractic degree, graduating summa cum laude.

Outside of the office Dr. Carrie is a busy mom!  She and her husband Chris have 3 children and 4 cats.  When she’s not driving her kids around she enjoys reading and watching movies.

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